Immigrant Resettlement

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JFSA’s Immigrant Resettlement Department has been assisting newcomers to Vancouver for over 75 years.

JFSA has had a client base of newcomers to the community that includes: immigrants from the Former Soviet Union and Israel, Eastern Europe, Central and South America, South and North Africa, refugees from the former Yugoslavia, and others.

The Resettlement program assists Immigrants in navigating the resettlement, employment, integration and immigration processes. Newcomers are assisted and supported in their adaptation to the Canadian and Jewish Community life with the objective to ensure a well-being and a sense of belonging to the new community. Services are available in English Russian, Hebrew, Polish, French and German.


A full range of information, referrals, education and counselling is provided on topics relating to daily life needs in:

• One-on-One Environments
• Group Settings 

Counselors assess the needs and barriers of individual clients and client families, identify appropriate services and resources relevant to their needs and assist them to develop realistic goals and plans. Provide clients with an overview of Canadian society (systems, services, life and culture, valued and norms) and their rights and obligations.

Adjustment Support

Counselors provide individual clients and their families with detailed support (paraprofessional counseling) to help with settlement and adjustment to life in Canada. These may include specific family and cultural adjustment issues or assistance in navigating specific processes such as immigration, education, etc.


Introduce clients to community services. This includes providing a client with names and contact information of organizations that provide specialized services.

Service Linking

Counselors assist individual clients and their families to articulate their needs and to access other service providers in the broader community by:

  • Helping them make appointments
  • Completing forms and applications
  • Providing translations and interpretations
  • Providing cross-cultural orientation when a client is connected to another service, so that the other service provider understands the needs/difficulties of the newcomer and that the client has realistic expectations of the service

Where immigration consulting services are required, JFSA staff will connect you with a competent legal adviser.

The Speaker’s Bureau Series

This series is offered on a monthly basis (with a break in summer and December) and are delivered in Russian and in Hebrew language. The Series have been designed to provide advice, information and education in a relevant and timely manner. Each session is 2 hours long. The sessions are in the evenings and are offered at the JFSA location.

The program is unique in that it helps newcomers make informed decisions without the risk of missing critical information due to language barriers. The sessions are coordinated by the Resettlement counselors and facilitated by professionals representing full spectrum of industries. These individuals volunteer their time to deliver workshops in either Hebrew or Russian depending on their own language of origin. The sessions address topics such as the Canadian workplace culture, finance and banking, tax systems, political systems, life insurance, civic participation, Canadian law and immigration, health and education systems, etc.

Quarterly Bus Tour

The tour provides newcomers with an introduction to Vancouver historical, public, cultural and educational sites. There are 40 participants in each tour. The tour is conducted in Russian language. Attempts to offer Hebrew or Spanish speaking tour have not received any interest.

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